Handling Unexpected Popup Windows in Marathon

Sometime back there was a request on the marathon mailing list. Quoting the original post:
In my application there are some dynamically popup windows (something like dialog boxes) which are appeared while running a test scripts. I need to close those windows if they appeared without effecting the test. Can you please advice me how to do this in marathon?
In most cases, these annoying, test script failing popups occur due to an error in the runtime. For example, an exception in the Event Dispatch Thread might …


Marathon and MarathonITE released

Due to the paucity of time, the Marathon releases are a bit behind MarathonITE releases. With this release, we are getting both Marathon and MarathonITE to the same versions.
If you have not updated Marathon for sometime, please do now. One of the first things we generally suggest when an issue is posted to the support list is to update to the latest version .
That said, this release adds quite a few fixes, updates some of the …


MarathonITE v3.3.5: A stabler WebStart launcher

We released a new version of MarathonITE today. The basic change is to make the webstart launcher more stabler by squashing some bugs and then changing the way javaws created processes are handled.
We recommend to all our users to update to the latest version.


Released MarathonITE 3.3.4: Reuse the fixtures

We are pleased to announce the availability of MarathonITE 3.3.4. With this new release you can reuse the fixtures – i.e run the tests without relaunching the AUT. Moreover, we have cleaned up the amount of code that is used as a hook on the AUT, which should reduce the JAR conflicts some of you faced.
Now MarathonITE uses latest versions of Jython and JRuby.
Reusing Fixtures
Create a new fixture and select the reusable checkbox. Marathon launches the application and runs the setup only the first time. …


Released: Marathon and MarathonITE 3.3.2

We released new versions of Marathon and MarathonITE. The major changes are:
1. Added a suite editor using which you can create new test suite files that can be executed in batch mode.
2. Fixed issues with MARATHON_HOME not being set properly in some cases.
3. Fixed issues pertaining to using plain JWindow objects.
4. Fixed recording and playback issues with file chooser and table header.
Detailed change log is available in the distributions.


Marathon and MarathonITE release

We released new versions of Marathon and MarathonITE – our Java/GUI testing product – last week. The major changes are:
1. adding support for creating reports in testlink XML format.
2. Support for native-lib directive for WebStartOffline launcher.
3. Upgrading jRuby to 1.7.2 and also couple of support libraries.
4. MComboBox and MTreeNode – stripping of HTML markup in the text.
5. Fixing handling of HeavyWeightWindow on Java7 (more on this later).
More detailed changelog can be read from the ChangeLog in the distribution.
Java7 and HeavyWeightWindow
Java/Swing uses HeavyWeightWindow objects internally to …

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Marathon Integrated Testing Environment, MarathonITE, is an affordable, easy-to-use and cross-platform Java/Swing™ GUI Test automation framework. You can use MarathonITE‘s inbuilt script recorder to create clean, readable test scripts either in Python or Ruby. Advanced features like extract-method refactoring, create-datadriven-tests and objectmap editing allows you to create maintainable, resilient test suites.