Marathon and MarathonITE release

We released new versions of Marathon and MarathonITE – our Java/GUI testing product – last week. The major changes are:

1. adding support for creating reports in testlink XML format.
2. Support for native-lib directive for WebStartOffline launcher.
3. Upgrading jRuby to 1.7.2 and also couple of support libraries.
4. MComboBox and MTreeNode – stripping of HTML markup in the text.
5. Fixing handling of HeavyWeightWindow on Java7 (more on this later).

More detailed changelog can be read from the ChangeLog in the distribution.

Java7 and HeavyWeightWindow

Java/Swing uses HeavyWeightWindow objects internally to display combo box lists, dropdown menus etc. Uptill Java6, the HeavyWeightWindow constructor was setting a name to these windows that start with ‘###’ and Marathon ignores these windows by using the names. In Java7, a Window#Type enum is introduced. Window#getType returns a Window#Type enum that is either one of NORMAL, POPUP or UTILITY. And also Java7 doesn’t set the name for the window. Unfortunately, none of our testcases have a case where a HeavyWeightWindow is used for Menu/Combo popups – so we missed it. So if you find Marathon recording menu clicks with no title windows, upgrade to and it should fix the problem for you.


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Marathon Integrated Testing Environment, MarathonITE, is an affordable, easy-to-use and cross-platform Java/Swing™ GUI Test automation framework. You can use MarathonITE‘s inbuilt script recorder to create clean, readable test scripts either in Python or Ruby. Advanced features like extract-method refactoring, create-datadriven-tests and objectmap editing allows you to create maintainable, resilient test suites.