Opensource Java™ GUI Testing Tool

Marathon – Opensource Java™ GUI Testing Tool

Marathon is the precursor to MarathonITE. Marathon provides all the basic functions required to effectively test Java™/Swing GUI Applications. Using Marathon, you can record tests, replay them, generate reports and also integrate with external build systems.
Marathon is released under opensource license (LGPL to be exact). We, at Jalian Systems, are involved with Marathon development, maintenance and support for last several years. You can download Marathon and its sources from using the links provided in the sidebar.
We provide support for Marathon through marathon-testing google group. You can subscribe to the group using the link in the sidebar.

Choosing between Marathon and MarathonITE

Choose Marathon if:

  • You are testing a hobby project or learning test automation using Marathon.
  • Your application is small (say < 10 screens) and doesn't require advanced features like object map maintenance, refactoring etc.
  • You do not require professional support that comes along with MarathonITE.
    That said, we are usually prompt in answering questions on the google group.
  • Your team size is small.

Choose MarathonITE if:

  • Your application is complex or large.
  • You have a large team of test engineers and need more effort for creating maintainable test scripts.
  • Your application changes frequently and need to create resilient test suites.
  • You need professional support that comes along with MarathonITE.

Marathon and MarathonITE Feature Comparison



Launcher for Java Applications
Launchers for Java WebStart, Executable Jars, Applets, Executables
Recording & Replay for Standard Java/Swing Components
Exploratory and Semi Automatic Testing
Syntax-aware Editor for Jython/JRuby Test Scripts
Object Map Maintenance – Editors for Configuration and Object Map
Refactor: Create Module Methods
Refactor: Create Data Driven Tests
Commercial Support



Marathon Integrated Testing Environment, MarathonITE, is an affordable, easy-to-use and cross-platform Java/Swing™ GUI Test automation framework. You can use MarathonITE‘s inbuilt script recorder to create clean, readable test scripts either in Python or Ruby. Advanced features like extract-method refactoring, create-datadriven-tests and objectmap editing allows you to create maintainable, resilient test suites.