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Jalian Systems offers several software test automation services. Our services provide the benefits of an effective, flexible test automation platform along with great cost savings. Our team of professionals with many years of industry experience have expertise in test automation and test project management.

Project Jumpstart Services Software Testing Services Product Enhancements

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Project Jumpstart Services

Many automation projects encounter trouble (and in some cases failure) because the test professionals start automating the project while learning the automation framework. Having a team of professionals with the expertise in the framework to hand-hold during the first few weeks improves the project success. Jalian Systems provides Project Jumpstart Services to help teams using MarathonITE to come up to speed and use the framework effectively.

What is involved

  • Work together
    Our team of engineers work together with your team to understand your application and the goals for the automation project
  • Build the framework
    Along with your team, our engineers design the project structure for the MarathonITE project. The first few test cases will be created during this period.
  • Create the guidelines
    Both teams together jointly create a set of guidelines for creating the test scripts.
  • Project handover
    The project will be handed over to your team for further development.

Please use the contact form for further enquiries.

Software Testing Services

You can outsource your testing effort to Jalian Systems. Our team of professionals create and execute the test scripts for your application.

What is involved

  • Understand the application
    Our team uses your application to understand the domain and technologies.
  • Create the guidelines
    Our team creates a set of best practice guidelines for the test project.
  • Create and Execute the test scripts
    We create and execute the test scripts. The project is shared with you using a private GitHub repository.
  • Provide reports
    Our team provides daily/weekly progress and test reports

Please contact us using the contact form for discussing your requirements and getting a quotation.

Product Enhancements

If you find that you need some enhancements to Marathon or MarathonITE, we can undertake that work on a turnkey basis. Jalian Systems even provides discounts for those parts that can be open sourced. The enhancements may include features or custom component resolvers.

Please contact us using the contact form for discussing your requirements.



Marathon Integrated Testing Environment, MarathonITE, is an affordable, easy-to-use and cross-platform Java/Swing™ GUI Test automation framework. You can use MarathonITE‘s inbuilt script recorder to create clean, readable test scripts either in Python or Ruby. Advanced features like extract-method refactoring, create-datadriven-tests and objectmap editing allows you to create maintainable, resilient test suites.