<span class="hs-primary-fg">R</span>ecord. <span class="hs-primary-fg">R</span>efactor. <span class="hs-primary-fg">R</span>eplay
Record. Refactor. Replay
MarathonITE's three step test automation process for creating resilient test suites
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Test automation is not a sprint.<br/>It is a <span class="hs-primary-fg">MARATHON</span>
Test automation is not a sprint.
Test automation is not just record and play. MarathonITE has features to help you in creating reliable, stable and resilient test suites.
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Marathon Grid
Reduce test automation time by distributing your tests using MarahonITE Grid
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About Marathon and MarathonITE

Marathon Integrated Testing Environment – MarathonITE, is an affordable, easy-to-use, cross-platform test automation framework for Java/Swing™, Java/FX™ and Web applications. MarathonITE test automation platform supports test automation through scripts. MarathonITE has an inbuilt script recorder that allows you to create clean and readable test scripts in Ruby. Advanced features like extract-method refactoring, data driven testing and object map maintenance allows you to create maintainable and resilient test suites. You can use MarathonITE test automation tool to perform unattended testing, exploratory testing and also semi-automated testing. It provides a powerful integrated environment for managing test automation projects. The editor based on ACE, provides syntax coloring for not only the Ruby test scripts, but also for many other file formats while the inbuilt webview allows you to review the reports without leaving the IDE. You can also try Marathon – the fully opensource lite version of MarathonITE  test automation framework. Marathon is a precursor to MarathonITE. It provides all core features necessary for creating and executing regression test suites for Java/Swing™ and Java/FX™ applications.

Testing Styles

Automated Testing

Exploratory Test Automation

Semi Automated Testing

Why MarathonITE?

Integrated Testing Environment – Intuitive User Interface
MarathonITE test automation tool provides a flexible, powerful and comfortable test automation environment for test creation and execution. The script editor provides syntax highlighting not only for test scripts but also for most used file formats. The feature, stories and issues view allows you to group your test automation scripts. A all-in-all test suites feature allows you to select a set of tests, features or stories for execution. MarathonITE also includes a test runner, using which you can execute tests and save the test runs for later retrieval.
Create Resilient Test Suites
The main challenge of test automation is to create test scripts that do not easily break when the application changes. Using MarathonITE test automation tool you can quickly automate your tests, refactor them to enhance readability and re-usability. MarathonITE test automation suite's flexible and powerful object repository allows you to rename the components and change their recognition properties. You can add structure to your project by grouping your tests under folders, features and stories.
Selenium/WebDriver bindings
MarathonITE test automation suite provides access to Selenium/WebDriver bindings to your scripts, that extends Selenium/WebDriver bindings for Ruby. When you access a component in MarathonITE using get_component, the object you receive is a WebElement. Users can perform any of the standard WebDriver operations on this WebElement. You can use any Selenium/WebDriver calls and intersperse them with MarathonITE calls. This provides your scripts the power and flexibility they may need for implementing complex scenarios.
Powerful Refactoring Support
You can use the refactor functionality of the MarathonITE  test automation tool to quickly extract pieces of code to create reusable modules. These modules can be inserted into the script while recording. Besides helping in creating modular test scripts, they can also help in performing routine operations. You can use MarathonITE  test automation framework to Convert to DDTest refactoring to quickly convert a regular test script into a data driven test.
Folders, Suites, Features, Stories and Issues
One of the highly requested features for MarathonITE  test automation suite has been to provide different ways to group test scripts. With MarathonITE 5.0, you can group tests as features and stories (BDD style), or create suites of tests, features and stories. You can also assign test scripts to issues and keep track of their status. MarathonITE test runner allows you to run the tests by selecting any of the groups. MarathonITE test automation framework also includes editors and views for various groups.
Accessing External Systems
You can easily access an external system from a MarathonITE script. MarathonITE scripts are JRuby scripts. You can use any available ruby gems to integrate your scripts with databases, web services or any other external systems.

Some of our Customers

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Automation Framework Team, Cambio Healthcare Systems

Cambio Healthcare Systems is a happy user of MarathonITE. The tool was selected after trying a lot of Java Swing application testing tools. MarathonITE is customizable, effective and efficient. Scripts are easy to maintain and Marathon offers high support availability. Many hours are saved by one click by using MarathonITE.

Neal M, Clark Associates Inc.

Our entire MarathonITE test suite is in source control (TFS). With this, it is very easy to execute either part of or the entire test suite on multiple test machines in multiple environments. Between new releases of our software, I am able to press play on the test suite for a quick and thorough regression test. Following the completion of the tests, I am able to evaluate a test result report that MarathonITE builds. This report shows any individual tests that failed during execution which allows me to manually investigate why it failed. If you are looking to automate your Java/Swing application, I can attest that this tool will provide you adequate features and functionality. I am excited to see how MarathonITE’s software will improve in the near future.

Salinda, CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd.

To make our testing more effective and efficient, we have tried various software testing tools within our domain. Most of them did not satisfy our requirements but finally we came up with ‘MarathonIte’ as the most suitable tool for Java GUI testing. The reporting mechanism helps to recognize failure points in the application at the end of each execution cycle. Its ability to introduce new functions through “Modules”, allows us to customize the application and increase the test coverage.

Padmaja Sampath, EDW Technology Ltd

We chose MarathonITE to automate our regression pack and it has immensely helped reducing the regression testing from 5 day cycle to a 3 day cycle.

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