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Marathon Integrated Testing Environment – MarathonITE, is an affordable, easy-to-use, cross-platform test automation tool for Java/Swing™, Java/FX™ and Web applications. Using MarathonITE you can quickly automate your daily tests. The integrated testing environment provides facilities to record, play, refactor and maintain your test scripts. You can integrate the test suites into CI servers to get immediate results of the test runs.

Opensource Tools used by Marathon


Marathon runs GUI Tests against Java/Swing™ and Java/FX™ applications. Marathon test automation tool provides an integrated environment for test script creation and execution. Marathon uses JRuby recording the test scripts. Debugging of test scripts is supported. The debugger has script console using which you can inspect the application. Slow play of test cases is also available.It allows to create multiple fixtures for different types of tests.

Technologies supported by Marathon Java Driver


Marathon Java Driver provides an implementation of Selenium/WebDriver bindings to test Java applications. The project is aimed at Java developers and can be used for both Unit and Functional testing. You can use the JavaDriver to launch Java applications and use WebDriver bindings to automate the application.  A maven repository provides the JavaDriver package that can be used to setup a project quickly. The project is part of Marathon.

Why MarathonITE?

Opensource Tools used by Marathon

Based on Open Source

Marathon and MarathonITE use and extend Selenium/WebDriver to provide a flexible and extendable environment for GUI testing. The scripts are recorded and written in Ruby providing highly flexibility.

Access to External Systems

Access External Systems

You can easily access an external system from a MarathonITE script. MarathonITE scripts are JRuby scripts. You can use any available ruby gems to integrate your scripts with databases, web services or any other external systems.

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MarathonITE Test Automation Tool
Operating Systems supported by Marathon and MarathonITE

Cross Platform

You can use Marathon and MarathonITE on Windows, Linux/Unix or OSX. You should be able to use MarathonITE on any system that has support for Java 8.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

MarathonITE provides a flexible, powerful and comfortable test automation environment for test creation and execution. The script editor provides syntax highlighting for most file formats. Use the inbuilt test runner with history to execute all or some selected tests. View the reports from MarathonITE itself.

Grouping Tests in Various Ways

Group Tests

You can group your tests in various ways. You can use the BDD style of grouping using Features and Stories, all-in-all test suites, identify tests with issues or link them with test management systems.

MarathonITE Test Automation Tool in Action

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Our Customers

What our Customers Say

Cambio Healthcare Systems is a happy user of MarathonITE. The tool was selected after trying a lot of Java Swing application testing tools. MarathonITE is customizable, effective and efficient. Scripts are easy to maintain and Marathon offers high support availability. Many hours are saved by one click by using MarathonITE.
Automation Framework Team
Cambio Health Care Systems
We chose MarathonITE to automate our regression pack and it has immensely helped reducing the regression testing from 5 day cycle to a 3 day cycle.
EDW Technologies
Padmaja Sampath
EDW Technology
Our entire MarathonITE test suite is in source control (TFS). With this, it is very easy to execute either part of or the entire test suite on multiple test machines in multiple environments. Between new releases of our software, I am able to press play on the test suite for a quick and thorough regression test. Following the completion of the tests, I am able to evaluate a test result report that MarathonITE builds. This report shows any individual tests that failed during execution which allows me to manually investigate why it failed. If you are looking to automate your Java/Swing application, I can attest that this tool will provide you adequate features and functionality. I am excited to see how MarathonITE’s software will improve in the near future.
Clark Technologies
Neal M
Clark Associates Inc
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