Improving your Testing Skills

There is a huge demand for Software Testers in today’s booming IT Industry. Here are 5 simple steps that are sure to help you improve your testing skills and advance your career.

1. “Fail to plan, plan to fail!” – Winston Churchill


Planning to test a whole new Application can be a daunting task. The best way to begin is, to get the whole team together and break your application under test (AUT) into smaller functional modules. Once divided, look at your share of the task. Make an organised structure to store all of your important details and form your testing strategy for the project.

2. Sharing is caring


Testing is a team effort. Make sure you share your progress on a regular basis, to ensure optimum testing effort. Remember, a tester is only as efficient as the team.

3. There are no stupid questions

Always analyse

Learn to analyse your test results thoroughly. Testing is a process. Do not ignore the test result. The final test result may be ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ but troubleshooting the root cause of ‘fail’ will lead you to the solution of the problem. Ask yourself what question your tests are answering. Your testing techniques are a vault of answers. Once you understand what the question is, you just need to pick which answer makes the most sense. When you create a process, you end up reaching your desired result faster. Filter the techniques that make little sense and apply the ones that do. If those don’t work then you can go back and try the less obvious techniques.

4. Attention to detail

Always write clean and detailed bug reports. The people who will read your bug reports will not understand or see what you did to expose that bug. When you write in detail, you allow the rest of your team and the developers to save an enormous amount of time by not having to guess any part of your environment.

5. Above all, Don’t Quit

Think positive. Start testing the application with the intent of finding bugs/errors. Don’t assume that there won’t be any bugs in the application. If you test the application with the intention of finding bugs, you will definitely succeed in testing the Application thoroughly.