Automated Recorder

Automated Recorder – Creating Script Easily

MarathonITE provides an automated recorder that allows you to record scripts just by using your application as you normally do. While recording, MarathonITE provides options to include module methods (for reusability) and check points (for verification). You can also pause and continue the recording.

Automated Recorder - Control Center

Not a Coder? No Problem.

MarathonITE recorder provides you a easy way of creating test scripts. You just need to start recording within MarathonITE and start using the application – select menu items, type text etc. – as you do it usually. At the backend, MarathonITE records all actions into intelligible script.

Add Checkpoints as you record the script

Adding a verification (called assertion) is as simple as pressing control(command) key and right mouse button. MarathonITE displays a popup window, from which you can select the properties that need to be asserted upon.

Marathonite Assertion Window

From the MarathonITE assertion window, you can insert multiple assertions. Just select different components on the AUT and select Insert Assertion button.

You can also use MarathonITE assertion window to inspect all the properties of the component under focus. You can also insert wait_p (Wait for property) calls to wait for a component state to change.

Switch to raw recording mode quickly

When you start recording, MarathonITE recorder opens a small Control Centre window. Through this window you can switch to raw recording mode – where mouse clicks and keystrokes are recorded – by just selecting an option.

Open script console and access application object internals

Marathonite Script Console

You can pause recording and open script console. Through the script console window, you access internal objects and properties of the application. Script console can be used to quickly interrogate the application using MarathonITE commands, as well as Selenium/WebDriver commands.