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We are pleased to announce availability of Marathon for Eclipse. At this time, Marathon/Eclipse is distributed as a complete bundle and you can download the same from Downloads.

Marathon/Eclipse is a cross-platform testing tool for Java/Swing™, Java/FX™ and Web applications. Marathon/Eclipse is built on Eclipse/Photon and adds a set of editors, views and commands to eclipse IDE.

  • Create and set up new Marathon test projects
  • Create new testcases and record test methods
  • Compile,run and debug the tests using JUnit5 framework
  • Run unattended tests using automatically generated Gradle builds
  • Generate beutiful reports with all the right information using Allure framework
  • Execute tests on Selenium/Grid for parallel and faster execution of test suites.
  • Work in teams using Object Map sharing
  • Integrate with various Continuous Integration frameworks like Jenkins using Gradle and Allure Jenkins plugins.

Marathon/Eclipse is based on:

  • Eclipse/Photon: Latest release of Eclipse IDE
  • Selenium
  • Marathon JavaDriver: provides Selenium/WebDriver bindings for Swing and FX Applications
  • JUnit5: Latest testing framework for Java applications
  • Gradle: Makes it easy to integrate with external systems
  • Allure: Generates beutiful and effective reports

At this time, Marathon/Eclipse supports recording test scripts in Java. Later versions will support Ruby and other languages.

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