Features, Stories and Issues

Grouping Test Scripts

One of the oft requested feature for MarathonITE, finally makes an appearance in MarathonITE V5. You can group your tests in various ways using MarathonITE. If you like BDD style of grouping, you can make use of Features and Stories. If you have an issue tracker and like to link MarathonITE test scripts with it, make use of Issues.

Marathonite Feature View and Editor

Features and Stories

Marahtonite Report Features and Stories

MarathonITE provides views and editors for grouping test scripts under Features and Stories. MarathonITE does not impose a structure on the grouping, however, when a report is generated stories are grouped under features. You can add any test scripts into a feature or a story.


Marathonite Issue Tracker Pattern

It is easy to integrate MarathonITE with an issue tracker. When you create the project, please provide the URL to the issue tracker system using “%s” placeholder for the issue ID. You can use Issue view and editor to assign test scripts to various issues.