Java Software Testing

What is Java GUI Testing?

Most end users of our applications tend to focus on the usability and aesthetics of the applications. They are not really worried about what runs under the hood and other technical aspects. Thus, Java Software testing  or  Java GUI testing of an application is a crucial part of software development life cycle (SDLC). A poorly designed User Interface leads to unhappy users – so efforts should be placed to prevent these kind of issues from occuring in the applications. Graphical User Interface testing or Java GUI testing is a type of testing where the focus is on the applications visual elements to ensure that what the user sees and experience in our applications meet the required standards.

Java GUI Automated Testing?

In a nutshell, Java GUI testing is testing what the user sees on the application screens. It includes visual elements like size, color, font, formatting etc. of visual elements that users use to interact with application. It includes, but is not limited, to the following:
  • Appliction consistancy Checking the consitancy of used colors, fonts, menu commands, terminology accross various application screens. It doesn’t behove the GUI application to call someone an Employee in some screens and then User in others.
  • Readability Is the screen and text readable? What a user can’t read, he can’t understand and use.
  • Aesthetics The alignment of images, buttons, menus and various visual elements on the screen.
  • User experience Whether it is easy to navigate screens. Whether the application is able to prevent errors from users and guide them. User experience is what may differentiate a good application from a great one.
  • Grammar and Spelling A few errors in the grammar and spelling on the application might put off the users.
Functional testing of an application is required to ensure the application meets the end user requirements. Where as Java GUI testing is required to ensure that the users can use the application.

Performing Java GUI Testing

Java GUI testing and/or Java software testing require subjective decisions requiring them to be executed manually. The process is time consuming and due to the rote testing is also error prone. Most teams perform GUI tests adhoc – making them less effective. Java GUI Testing require a test strategy that can reduce the time consumed and increase the effectiveness of the test engineers. Most organization follow a set of application wide or organization wide guidelines and applications are tested against these guidelines.

Java GUI Testing with Marathonite

You can use Marathonite‘s Semi Automated Tests to reduce the effort required for performing Java GUI testing and Java software testing. An application-wide or organization-wide GUI standard is converted to one or more Checklists and tests are recorded to insert these checklists at the appropriate points. A test engineer runs the semi automated test suite and record the findings (and screenshots if required) into the test results.