Integrated Testing Environment

MarathonITE User Interface

Test automation is a combination of two activities – testing and software development. Having the right tools, makes automation that much easier. MarathonITE provides an integrated environment that is modeled after standard IDEs that are available for software development. The environment encompasses all the standard activities you perform in test automation.

Marathonite integrated environment

Editors and Views

MarathonITE provides editors for various types of files in your project. The script editor is based on ACE – a high-performance editor for the Web. The text editor provides various features like syntax highlighting, search/replace etc. Using MarathonITE you can quickly create checklists that are used for Semi Automated testing and Exploratory testing. A simple editor for CSV files is provided to create/modify data for the data driven tests. MarathonITE also provides editors for Object Map and Object Map configuration. View and editors are also available for grouping tests as Features, Stories, Issues and plain catch-all Test Suites.

Test Runner

MarathonITE provides a test runner modeled after Eclipse JUnit test runner. Using the test runner you can run your tests, save the test runs (for later use) and name the test runs. MarathonITE saves the test history – you can quickly see what tests succeeded and failed in an earlier test run.

A Complete Environment with Intuitive Interface

The editors work the way you expect them to. Standard toolbar and menus allow you access all the commands when you need them. Project themes provide you a way to customize the workspace the way you would like it to look. MarathonITE provides a complete environment for your test automation projects.