Test Java/FX™ Applications

Automate your Java/FX™ Applications with MarathonITE

MarathonITE allows you to test Java/FX applications. Whether your application is deployed as a JNLP(WebStart), an executable or a batch file, MarathonITE provides the launchers required to for Java/FX software testing. You can use the data driven tests to run the same script over various combinations of data points. Enhance your scripts using Ruby gems to access external systems, be it databases or other web services. MarathonITE implements Selenium JSONWire protocol to connect to Java/FX™ applications. You can use any of the Selenium/WebDriver methods in your scripts, to enhance their functionality.
javafx test automation

Java/FX™ Application Launchers

Java/FX™ applications can be deployed in different ways. You can bundle them as WebStart(JNLP) applications, as executables/batch files or as Executable JAR files. Whichever way your application is packaged, MarathonITE provides launchers to configure your test automation project.

Distributed Execution

MarathonITE implements Selenium/WebDriver JSONWireProtocol for testing Java applications. When your Application is launched from MarathonITE, a couple of small Java agent JARs are added to the application runtime. These agent JAR files implement the recording and playback functionality required for MarathonITE to communicate with the application. MarathonITE also provides marathon-grid using which the tests can be distributed across multiple nodes, thus reducing the execution time required.