Exploratory Testing #101

What is Exploratory Testing? Discovery. Investigation. Learning. These are the three main aspects that Exploratory Testing emphasises. The most prominent characteristic is that the Test Cases are not created in advance; testers check the system on the fly. The focus of exploratory testing is more on testing as a “thinking” activity. During testing, the tester […]

All About Automation

Industry surveys suggest that over 75% of all functional testing is still done Manually. In order to optimise testing, it is important that we understand the applications and limitations of Automated testing. Read on for an overview of what Test Automation is, why and when should you use it and what advantages it can give […]

Java Swing, Java FX application testing by Dakshinamurthy at SeConf2016 India

Selenium/WebDriver Bindings For Java/Swing™ and Java/FX™ Applications This is a talk we gave at Selenium Conference 2016 about Java and Java/FX drivers. Not much about Marathon or MarathonITE. Here we talk about how JavaDriver can be used to drive a Java/FX or Java/Swing application.