Exploratory Testing #101

What is Exploratory Testing? Discovery. Investigation. Learning. These are the three main aspects that Exploratory Testing emphasises. The most prominent characteristic is that the Test Cases are not created in advance; testers check the system on the fly. The focus of exploratory testing is more on testing as a “thinking” activity. During testing, the tester […]

Using Demo Mode

Quick Demoing your Applications Using MarathonITE From the early versions of MarathonITE, we always had a slow play mode. When you execute a script in the slow play mode, the test script adds a delay of 1 second for every call to select/click. In effect, you can actually see what the script is doing. There […]

Accessing Database using JDBC in MarathonITE Scripts

Database access from MarathonITE for test automation through scripts ManrathonITE test automation tool support test automation through scripts. Since MarathonITE scripts are pure JRuby scripts, you can use any data access gems available to access databases. An alternative is to use JDBC to access the database that we explore in this article. Step 1: Download JDBC […]