Java Swing, Java FX application testing by Dakshinamurthy at SeConf2016 India

Selenium/WebDriver Bindings For Java/Swing™ and Java/FX™ Applications This is a talk we gave at Selenium Conference 2016 about Java and Java/FX drivers. Not much about Marathon or MarathonITE. Here we talk about how JavaDriver can be used to drive a Java/FX or Java/Swing application.

Using MarathonITE with a Java application distributed as a Jar

Excutable Jar Launcher for MarathonITE If your application is distributed as an executable JAR file, you can use the Executable Jar Launcher for creating a project and use it for test automation. In this screencast we will show how you can create a MarathonITE project for such an application.

Creating MarathonITE Project for Java/WebStart™ Applications

MarathonITE Project for WebStart Applications Java applications can be distributed as WebStart applications through JNLP files. In this screencast you will learn how to create a MarathonITE project for such applications.

Creating a Marathon/MarathonITE Project – Java Command Line

Using Marathon for Java Command Line Application In this screencast, we see how to create a Marathon project for an application that is launched using java command line.