Quick Demoing your Applications Using MarathonITE

From the early versions of MarathonITE, we always had a slow play mode. When you execute a script in the slow play mode, the test script adds a delay of 1 second for every call to select/click. In effect, you can actually see what the script is doing.

There were couple of requests asking for a way of running the test(s) in batch mode using slow play. It seems some of you found that slow play mode is useful for giving a quick demo of the product.

Enter Demo Mode

From MarathonITE V5.0.4.0 onwards, we added a new feature to batch mode. By providing a -demo option to MarathonITE, you can control the playback speed. You can even Pause the playback and resume it later.

When you invoke MarathonITE with the -demo option a demo controller window appears.

Marathonite Demo Controller

From this window, you can control the delay for each MarathonITE call, pause the playback and resume it. Hopefully this option will make it easier to use MarathonITE for providing a quick demo of your applications.