The Jalian Systems team announces the release of Marathon and MarathonITE Version This release contains bug fixes and updates. MarathonITE Version is free to all Jalian Systems customers with a valid Maintenance contract. Marathon, ofcourse, is opensource and you can download the latest version from the Sourceforge website.

The following updates are included in this release.

Standalone Object Map Server (MarathonITE only)

In earlier releases, you use a -omapserver port option to marathonite command to start the object map server. Now, we have included a command script to start object map server.

Adding Screenshots into the Report

Now you can add screenshots of the screen into the report. Earlier versions supported only adding screenshots only when a test script failed

Adding the above command into a test script adds the screenshot image to the generated report.

Screenshot along with a grouped assertion list

The screen_shot command is enhanced to accept a code block. Any assert_p commands within the code block are inserted as a table at the end of the screenshot. Both success and failure assertions are captured.