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The Jalian Systems team announces the release of Marathon, MarathonITE Version and MarathonITE/Eclipse Edition Version 1.0.2. This release contains bug fixes and updates. MarathonITE Version is free to all Jalian Systems customers with a valid Maintenance contract. Marathon, ofcourse, is opensource and you can download the latest version from the Sourceforge website.

The following updates are included in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • fix: Clicks getting recorded on file and color choosers
  • fix: Slow opening of ContextMenu in some cases
  • fix: Added alert/prompt/confirm methods to WebFixture
  • fix: Added setAttribute() to handle color/date etc. input field types
  • fix: window() not setting current_search_context in $marathon
  • fix: JavaFixture#selectString not defaulting to editor=true
  • fix: FX – Not ignoring empty cells (for table, treeview, listview etc.)
  • fix: ignore failed load_script_frame
  • fix: Setting frame ObjectIdentity is setting value wrongly
  • fix: hover params for component info cases.
  • fix: Added scrollIntoViewIfNeeded

Web – Generating CSS for elements

MarathonITE now uses CSS Selector Generator. You can configure it using the recorder_options.js file.

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