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The Jalian Systems team announces the release of Marathon and MarathonITE Version This release contains bug fixes and updates. MarathonITE Version is free to all Jalian Systems customers with a valid Maintenance contract. Marathon, ofcourse, is opensource and you can download the latest version from the Sourceforge website.

The following updates are included in this release.

Selenium Upgraded to 3.12.0

We upgraded the selenium to the latest stable release 3.12.0.

Using short names for Marathon agent JAR files

Marathon and Marathonite use java agents to hook into the application runtime. For this purpose Marathon uses JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable to pass the parameters to the JVM. Till Java8 there is a limit of 1023 bytes for this environment variable.

Marathon now use shortened file names for the agent JARs.

Runtime Exception when JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS length exceeds 1023 bytes

Following up on the above issue, Marathon and Marathonite also shows an error with appropriate message if the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS variable length exceeds 1023 bytes.

Hover recording (Web)

You can use Alt+Shift while positioning the cursor on an element to record a hover call.

Bug Fixes

  • Do not show context menu when displaying the assertion window.
  • When extracting a module, a ‘\’ is used instead of ‘/’ in the require statement.

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