MarathonITE Pricing

# of LicensesUnit Price *
(US $)
1 License$ 1480$ 1480$ 440
2 Licenses$ 1380$ 2760$ 825
3 Licenses$ 1380$ 4140$ 1240
4 Licenses$ 1380$ 5520$ 1655
5 Licenses$ 1380$ 6900$ 2070
6 Licenses$ 1280$ 7680$ 2300
7 Licenses$ 1280$ 8960$ 2685
8 Licenses$ 1280$ 10240$ 3070
9 Licenses$ 1280$ 11520$ 3455
10 Licenses$ 1280$ 12800$ 3840
* Inclusive of one year Maintenance.
All prices are in US$ and exclusive of taxes (if any) that are applicable.
Annual maintenance is inclusive of minor and major upgrades released during the period.
Site licenses are available for more than 10 licenses. Contact us for further details.

License FAQ

  1. Who requires a MarathonITE License?

    Everyone who uses MarathonITE needs a license. Every user who creates, records, edit or modify tests requires a MarathonITE license. Using MarathonITE for running tests on one or more machines does not require extra licenses. You need licenses only for those instances where MarathonITE is used for managing your test projects.

  2. What is the type of MarathonITE license?

    All MarathonITE licenses are floating and entitle you to run one instance of MarathonITE at any given time, independent of the machine it is running on or the person operating it. Multiple licenses allow multiple instances of MarathonITE to be run concurrently.

  3. Does having a product license entitle for support?

    When you purchase a license for MarathonITE, it also includes a valid support contract for one year. During this period, besides support, you are entitled to receive all minor and major upgrades. At the end of the year, at your option, you can extend the support by purchasing our annual maintenance contract. Our team will remind you towards the end of the support period for a renewal.

  4. Where can I get the license agreements?

    You can download the license agreements (in PDF format) from the Download Area.