[ Automated GUI Test Tool for Java and Web Applications ]

MarathonITE makes it easy to create GUI tests. You can quickly automate your functional tests and regression tests.

MarathonITE has an open and flexible architecture based on open source projects like Marathon, Ruby and Selenium. MarathonITE makes creating, maintaining and executing automated test scripts easy. MarathonITE provides excellent ROI for your test teams.

Some of the powerful features of MarathonITE include:

  • Intelligent recording and replay
  • Flexible and configurable object map
  • Selenium/WebDriver bindings for Java™ applications
  • Support for all standard Java/Swing™, Java/Fx™ and HTML5 components
  • Extendable component resolvers to support 3rd party components.
  • A complete integrated environment with inbuilt editors, test runners
  •  Attractive user interface based on Java/FX™
  •  Powerful editor based on Ace
  •  Debugging mode with breakpoints and script console debugger
  • Demo mode for .a quick presentation
  • Functional and beautiful reports based on Allure reporting framework.
  •  Test grouping into features, stories or based on issues
  • Integrate with CI systems to execute regression tests
  •  Refactoring support for modularizing tests and creating data driven tests

Features and Benefits

MarathonITE is a professional tool for creating and executing automated tests through GUI for applications developed using Java/Swing™, Java/Fx™ and Web technologies. MarathonITE provides Selenium/WebDriver bindings for Java application runtime to provide flexible and powerful API to interact with the applications and create GUI tests. Learn More…

Test automation is a combination of two activities – testing and software development. MarathonITE provides an integrated environment for functional test creation and execution. You can use the syntax highlighting code editor for modifying the scripts. You can use custom editors for grouping test scripts as features, stories. Use the object map editors to modify either the configuration or the recognition properties. The test runner with history provides easy way to run tests. You can debug your scripts and inspect the application with the script terminal. and a lot more. Learn More…

Not all test scenarios can be automated. Some require manual intervention and some might be purely exploratory. Even with automation, manual functional tests to check critical functionality is necessary. You can use MarathonITE execute fully automated tests, perform a exploratory test session dynamically noting your observations, or perform semi automated tests to conduct some manual verifications while tests are running. Learn More…

MarathonITE integrates with Allure Framework and provides visually pleasing, powerful reports for further processing. You can simply integrate your reports with a test management system or a issue management system by providing the id numbers to individual test scripts. Various sections in the report allows you to view the test results grouped by Features/Stories (BDD style) or test suites. Learn More…

In a GUI test script separating the names from the object identity provides maximum flexibility. MarathonITE uses an object repository to save this information. Using the Object map editor, you can update either the names or the recognition properties. A Object Map Configuration editor allows you to change the recorder behaviour. Using the Object Map server, you can share the object repository among all team members. Learn More…

Data Driven testing is one technique that enables us to execute more number of tests than manually possible. MarathonITE provides an easy mechanism by which you can convert a regular test into a Data Driven test. Using MarathonITE you can also insert a data loop – converting a portion of test script to execute multiple times using data from an external source. Learn More…

Test automation is half testing and half software development. Maintaining test scripts regularly and removing the duplication is at the heart of creating resilient test suites for your applications. MarathonITE lets you extract parts of the scripts into reusable modules. You can parameterise them and make them more generic. You can insert these modules while recording a test script or manually insert them into the scripts wherever it is necessary. Learn More…

You can integrate MarathonITE test suite execution into your development workflow. You can use the commandline batch mode to launch MarathonITE from your CI server. Alternatively, you can launch MarathonITE as a Java task from an ANT build file and integrate it into your CI server.

You can also use Semi Autmated Tests and make them part of regression test suite to ensure that those that can’t be tested automatically can still benefit from test automation.

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