MarathonITE Testing Styles

Use MarathonITE for Automated, Semi Automated and Exploratory Tests

Not all test scenarios can be automated. Some require manual intervention and some might be purely exploratory. MarathonITE provides the test automation toolsets required for not only automating, but also for other approaches to testing your applications.

Automated Tests

In the age of agile software development, automated testing plays a critical role for continuous delivery and continuous integration. MarathonITE helps you create a test suite that can perform regression, smoke and automated testing.

Automated Tests - MarathonITE
Exploratory Tests - MarathonITE

Exploratory Tests

You can use MarathonITE’s exploratory testing functionality to exercise the application while looking for defects. Quickly test using exploratory testing – when you find a defect, you have an option to insert a checklist at this point. Fill the checklist and add a annotated screenshot if needed.

Semi Automated Tests

We realize that not all tests can be automated. However, you can still use MarathonITE to simplify your manual testing effort. We call them, semi automated tests.

Semi Automated Tests - MarathonITE
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