Exploratory Tests

Exploratory Test Sessions with MarathonITE

Exploratory testing entails simultaneous discovery, investigation and learning. Exploratory testing  emphasizes the personal freedom and responsibility of each individual tester. Exploratory test cases are not created in advance – instead testers check the system on the fly. They may note down some ideas about ‘what to test’ before execution. Exploratory testing focuses more on “testing” as a “thinking” activity.

Exploratory Testing with MarathonITE

Exploratory test is the simultaneous process of test design as well as test execution. One of the major problems with exploratory testing is the inability to reproduce a defect found by the tester. You can use MarathonITE‘s exploratory test automation mode to exercise the application while looking for defects. When you use MarathonITE for exploratory testing and find a defect, you have an option of inserting a checklist at this point instantly. Fill the checklist and add an annotated screenshot if needed. The tester can then share the exploratory test automation script and the result with the development team. The script contains all the steps performed by the tester. If needed, the test script can be executed to reproduce the defect.

Test Charters

MarathonITE checklists are particularly suited for a test charter.

Use various headers and items to include the following items in the charter checklist:

  • What to test?
  • How can it be tested?
  • What to look out for?
Once the charter checklist is created, include it in each of the test scripts at the beginning.
Exploratory Test Charter
Checklist - Check Mark

Record defects using checklists

Use checklists for recording defects and observations while executing the application. You can create different checklists for various types of defects – like UX, Functional, Boundary conditions etc. While inserting a checklist, you also have an option of inserting a screenshot and annotate it with details.

Exploratory Test Session

An exploratory test session can have one or more test recordings. Each of the test recordings is saved by MarathonITE in a folder with a time stamp. The recording includes the test script showing the steps performed, any checklists and screenshots included during the recording.

Exploratory Test - Execute and Verify
Test Report using Allure - MarathonITE

Exploratory Test Report

After each recording, MarathonITE also creates a test report including your observations and screenshots. You can share the reports with the team for further analysis.

Sharing the Session Recording

The test scripts recorded during an exploratory session are executable. You can share the recorded test scripts with the team. When executed, the test runner stops at each of the included checklist and displays the details to the user.

Sharing Test Result
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