Flexible and Centralized Object Repository

Object Repository to Separate the Names from Identity

MarathonITE has an inbuilt object repository that stores the object names used in the test scripts and their recognition properties. Separating the names and the identifying characteristics provides the maximum flexibility. It allows you to use the domain specific names within the test scripts and in some cases, modifying the object map might be enough when the application UI changes.

Object Repository

Modifying Repository with Object Map Editor

MarathonITE provides an editor to maintain the object repository. For each of the containers (like Windows) in the application, MarathonITE records a name and its recognition properties. You can modify the names and recognition properties by using the Object Map Editor.

Object Map Editor
Object Map Configuration

Modifying Object Map Configuration

Flexible Configuration for Object Map MarathonITE includes an object map configuration for each of the platforms that it supports – Web Applications, Java/Swing™ Applications and Java/FX™ Applications. It also provides an editor for the object map configuration using which you can change the default ‘naming and recognition properties’ used by the Object Map.

Centralized Object Map Server

When your team size increases, manually synchronising the object map files becomes a burden. To reduce the effort, MarathonITE includes an object map server mode. You can designate a workstation as the server and configure nodes to connect to the server.

You can modify the object map as well as the configuration from the interface of the object map server.

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