Object Map Configuration Editor

Configure Object Map Using Relevant Properties

MarathonITE includes an object map configuration for each of the platforms that it supports – Web Applications, Java/Swing™ Applications and Java/FX™ Applications.

MarathonITE also provides an editor for the object map configuration using which you can change the default naming and recognition properties used by the Object Map. The editor allows you to define any object property that you consider relevant for naming and recognition properties.

Object Map Configuration Editor
Object Map Configuration

Containers and Components

The Object Map Configuration can be modified using the in-built object map configuration editor. MarathonITE categorises objects into two types – a Container Object (like a window, frame etc.) and a Component Object (like a text field, checkbox etc.). For each type, the following information must be given in the object map editor:

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  • Component Type – This value is the class name in Java applications and the CSS selector in Web applications. It is used to identify the component in the object map.
  • Priority
  • A list of properties to be used for recognition or naming.
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