Object Map Editor

Change Names and Identity of Components

Over a period of time you may want to change the names of the components or the the way they were recognized. This may be because your application changed or for making your test scripts more readable or stable.

MarathonITE provides an editor to maintain the Object Repository. For each of the containers (like Windows) in the application, MarathonITE records a name and its recognition properties. The default name and recognition properties used by MarathonITE can be modified using Object Map Configuration Editor.

Object Map Editor

The Object Map Editor allows you to modify the names of the components. Once you change the name, ensure you change the references to the component in the test scripts as well. For each of the component referenced in a test script, MarathonITE records a set of unique properties that can be used to identify the particular component. Using the editor, you can change the properties used as well as the values. A property can be compared with a value using startsWith, endsWith, matches etc. operators.

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