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Test Suites, Features, Stories, Issues - All There

You can group your tests in various ways using MarathonITE. If you like BDD (Behavior Driven Development) style of grouping, you can make use of Features and Stories. If you have an issue tracker and like to link MarathonITE test scripts with it, make use of Issues. For a general purpose grouping – use test suites.

Whichever way you group – you can execute tests belonging to only specific groups. You can also select particular test groups while running tests in batch mode.

Maintaining Features - MarathonITE

Group Tests using Features and Stories

You can use MarathonITE to group tests as features and stories aka. BDD style. MarathonITE provides special views and editors to work with features and stories.

A feature is a distinct element of functionality which can provide capabilities to the business.

A story is a small aspect of a feature which you can use to get feedback from your stakeholders and find out if you’re doing anything wrong.

Once grouped you can use test runner to selectively execute some subset of features or stories.

Features and Stories
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Link with Issue Management Systems

MarathonITE allows you to group your tests under issues. You can also link a test script to one or more issues.

MarathonITE also provides an Issue view and Issue editor using which you can manage the issues.

Test Suites

TestSuite is a basic grouping mechanism of MarathonITE. You can group your tests into a test suite. A test suite can contain any other group like feature, story or issue. Test suites come in handy for quickly creating a group of tests based on some criteria.

A Test Suite
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