Test Report

Generate Functional Beautiful Reports for Test Runs

With MarathonITE, you can generate functional test reports for each of the test run. MarathonITE integrates with Allure reporting engine. If you have used BDD style of grouping the tests using Features and Stories – the test report shows the structure of your tests.

The report viewer integrated into MarathonITE displays the reports within the interface. Optionally you can share the reports by storing them on a central web server.

Test Report - Allure - MarathonITE

Add screenshots for failed tests

One of the requisites of a test result is the ability to identify the point of failure. Along with the message, the stack trace of the failure – MarathonITE allows you to record the screenshots of the top level window when the error is raised. The screenshot is attached to the result in the test report.

Annotated Screenshots
Semi Automated Tests - MarathonITE

Include annotated screenshots while using Semi Automated testing

Semi Automated testing is very useful when identifying the issues that require manual intervention. When using the Semi Automated testing methodology, MarathonITE allows for inclusion of screenshots along with annotations for further processing. These screenshots are included along with the test report.

Generate report for each of the Exploratory Test session

You can use Exploratory Testing to quickly diagnose an issue. At the end of the test run, MarathonITE generates a report for the test run including your observations. You can also include annotated screenshots for the run which are made available as attachments to the test result.

Exploratory Tests - MarathonITE
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