Test Runner

Execute Selected Tests from MarathonITE

MarathonITE includes a test runner (the interface of which is based on the JUnit testrunner of eclipse) using which you can execute a group of tests. You can mark favorites and save a test run for using it later. You can also manage the test runner history.

Test Runner within Editor

MarathonITE provides multiple ways of executing test scripts from the interface. When the test script is loaded into the current editor, you can use MarathonITE commands Play, Slow Play or Debug to execute the script. You can access these commands from either the menu or the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the Test Runner to execute the tests.

Using Play, Slow Play and Debug

When a test script is opened in the current editor, you can use the Play, Slow Play and Debug commands to execute the current script. MarathonITE executes the script and the results pane displays errors, if any. The output from the script and the application is displayed in the Output pane.

Exploratory Test - Execute and Verify

You can use the Debug command to execute the script in the debug mode. You can perform various operations and inspect the application while you are in the debug mode.

Test Runner View - MarathonITE

Using Test Runner

Using TestRunner you can run a group of tests. From any of the Navigator, Features, Stories, Suites or Issues views, open the context menu by rightclick and then select play. The current selected item(s) will be run in the test runner view.

TestRunner also provides a history and favorites. You can save a current test run (along with results) and check the statusĀ  or execute the same tests at a later point of time.

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