Supported Testing Platforms

GUI Test Automation for Java and Web

For the last several years, Jalian Systems has been involved in development and maintenance of Marathon. MarathonITE includes features and functionalities we consider important for creating resilient test suites for your applications. MarathonITE supports the following testing platforms:

Java Testing Platform

Java/Swing™ and Java/Fx™

Using MarathonITE you can create automated test suites for both Java/Swing™ and Java/Fx™ applications. You can use MarathonITE for applications launched using Java/WebStart, Applets, launch executables created with packagers like Launch4J, shell scripts or Executable Jars. MarathonITE supports testing all standard components of Java/Swing™ and Java/Fx™.

Web Testing Platform

Multi browser testing - Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE

MarathonITE can be used to test Web applications that use latest web 2.0 technologies like Ajax or Internal frames. You can use headless browser testing with Chrome and Firefox. Recording is supported for Chrome and Firefox. You can perform cross-browser testing by recording the scripts with Chrome or Firefox and retargeting the tests to other browsers.

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