Object Repository

Delinking object names and properties – MarathonITE‘s Object Repository

MarathonITE has an inbuilt object repository that stores the object names used in the test scripts and their recognition properties. Separating the names and the identifying characteristics provides the maximum flexibility. It allows you to use the domain specific names within the test scripts, and in some cases, modifying the object map might be enough when the application UI changes. Marathonite Object Repository Editor, MarathonITE: Integrated Test Environment - test automation free tools for java testing, test automation opensource tools for java testing

Object Map Features

  • MarathonITE provides a configuration editor using which you can change the default recognition and naming properties for the containers.
  • You can use a central repository for the object map, so that a team can share a single object repository.
  • MarathonITE provides default names and recognition for objects using the configuration information. You can use the object map editor to modify them.