Test Runner

Running Tests From MarathonITE

MarathonITE provides multiple ways of running tests from the user interface. When the current editor has a test script loaded into it, you can use Marathon->Play, Marathon->Slow Play or Marathon->Debug menu options. All these commands are present on the toolbar also. Alternatively, you can run one or more tests using TestRunner.

Play and Slow Play

Marathonite Play and Slow Play Commands for Running Tests

When a script is loaded into the editor, you can execute the same using the Play and Slow play commands. The Slow Play command adds a pause between commands, so you can view the actions taking place on the screen.


Marathonite Debug Commands

MarathonITE integrates a script debugger into the IDE. When you create a breakpoint and use Debug command – Marathon executes the script till it reaches a break point. When the script pauses at a breakpoint, you can perform various operations:

  • Step over the current statement
  • Step through the current function – if is a module method
  • Continue running the script – till it reaches another breakpoint
  • Open a script console. In the scriptconsole, you can use Ruby script commands to look at the application state.

Using TestRunner

Marathonite Test Runner View for Running Tests

Using TestRunner you can run a group of tests. From any of the Navigator, Features, Stories, Suites or Issues views, open the context menu by rightclick and then select play. The current selected item(s) will be run in the test runner view. TestRunner also provides a history and favorites.