Test Web Applications

Automate your Web Software testing with MarathonITE

With the advent of Web 2.0, most applications are moving from Desktop to Web. Web as an application platform brings a lot of challenges to test automation. You can simplify your web software testing by using MarathonITE as its test scripts can be used across browsers with little or no modifications to the script itself. Use the data driven tests to run the same script over various combinations of data points. Enhance your web test automation scripts using Ruby gems to access external systems, be it databases or other web services. MarathonITE uses Selenium WebDriver to connect to various browsers. You can even mix and match Selenium/WebDriver methods with MarathonITE scripts, to handle complex scenarios.
web test automation: Marathonite Web Application Launcher

Cross Browser Testing

MarathonITE allows you to select a browser for test execution, either from the UI browser menu or, if you are running in batch mode, from the command line. Even when the test is recorded with one browser, you can execute the same script using a different browser. In most cases, this flexibility, is just what is needed. In complex scenarios (where the server sends different content for different browsers), you will be able to record the scripts for different browsers and conditionally add them to the same script file.

Distributed Execution

MarathonITE scripts are regular Selenium/WebDriver scripts. You can use Selenium/Grid to distribute tests across multiple nodes. This reduces the amount of time taken to execute a test suite.